How to pack books for moving?

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May 11, 2022

Books are precious little things that take to the fables of authors and the times you first laid your hands on those pages. Many avid readers can relate to the sense of protection they feel for their precious collections and special editions. But most do not realize just how much care should be taken while moving books. So those thinking how to pack books for moving, read on for some great tips.

Books that are randomly dumped, overfilled, and improperly stacked end up having their spines compromised, pages are torn, and water seeped. So to protect them, proper packaging is necessary and it's quite easy to do.

How to pack books?

With some tips and tricks, you will save all the tales that you love to go over from. Here's how to pack a book for moving;

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Get the right packing materials

Books are heavy items, so to support them you will need good-quality packing materials. The quantity of this material will depend on the number of books you own. Most people choose large cardboard boxes for books. Before you choose them however ensure that they are clean, free from any holes and insects.

For packing you will require the following;

  • Sturdy cardboard or plastic boxes (we prefer the latter because they resist water especially with the weather in the UK)
  • Tags and labels
  • Bubble wrap
  • Old newspapers (you can use packing paper if you’re not too short on the budget)
  • Adhesive packing tape
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Dust them off

Before starting the cleaning procedure ensure that your hands are clean so that there are no dirt or grease marks on the books. Next using a soft cloth, dust off the covers and the hollow spine area of some books. For best results use acid-free tissue paper so that the book cover remains in good form for a long time.

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Start packing

Now that you’ve made piles and categories of similar kinds of books get them packing. Lay down tissue as a soft lining in the bottom of the box. This will also act as a protective layer for the spines and lay the book flat so that no pages are torn or crinkled. Keep filling gaps with more tissue paper and bubble wrap. For the next layer make sure you put enough bubble wrap in between so that none of the books scrape against one another during the moving process. Repeat till the box has been filled but not overfilled. Seal off from the top and repeat with the next box.

Now you can label the box accordingly. For instance, if the box contains books for the study, mark it the same, or if it contains magazines, mark it likewise.

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Make stacks

Group similar kinds of books together to pack them in a specific kind of way. Book with similar dimensions should be packed together so that they can get the best protection. This will also make the unpacking process easier. For paperbacks pack the books with the spine down to prevent any ripping of the edges. And for antiques wrap them in tissues and extra bubble wrap for best results.

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