Moving to London and its Rich Urban Wildlife

Ray Victor
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September 24, 2023

Moving to Europe's largest and fastest capital? All you need to know about London's rich urban wildlife is here.

London is famous for being a green wonderland for nature's natural life. Some of these are well known, while other species may surprise you. 

London is a green city with greenery, rivers, and still, waterways covering around 48% of its surface area. The great biodiversity of London is supported by the city, which includes hundreds of species ranging from molluscs and algae to animals and valuable habitats. Who wouldn’t want to move here? 

What to do upon moving to this biodiverse city 

As your relocation ends, you can finally lay back, relax, and sip on your coffee to enjoy all living inside London, amongst the fast-moving people. You will be surprised to find the variety of birds that roam freely in London. That's right. 

Many people have seen hawks, falcons, and kites flying through the breezy skies of London. Once upon a time, fifteen years ago, the pigeon dominated the Old Capital instead of any other bird. They were widespread and a major worry for London's fine citizens. The Harris hawks were consequently brought to the city. These days, trained hawks patrol the city's squares and parks to keep pigeons away.

On the other side, untamed falcons rule over London's skies and skyscrapers. Around thirty breeding pairs of peregrine falcons can be found in the city. The fastest-known animal is a bird, and it is an amazing bird. If you are relocating close to the Tate Modern, the Leadenhall Building, the Houses of Parliament, or the Charing Cross, there is a chance you will see one because they prefer to nest on towering buildings.


Did you know that the centre of the UK capital is home to a large flock of colourful parrots? Take your time and visit Kew or Richmond Park if you are going through Greater London. They are incontestable. They are big, green, and quite noisy. There are over 8,600 breeding pairs of birds in London. For unknown reasons, there are parakeets in the city, thousands of miles from Central America.

Psittacula krameri, the scientific name of these endearing birds, is a member of the parrot family that is more often known as rose-ringed or ring-necked parakeets. Bring an apple the next time you visit because they are amicable and enjoy goodies.

Red Foxes

Naturally, we begin with one of Britain's favourite creatures. The Mammal Research Unit at the University of Bristol estimates that there are 33,000 urban foxes on the island, 10,000 likely to reside in London. They are challenging to spot, though. 

Foxes live underground, behind dilapidated buildings, old garden sheds, and tree roots. Two parents, their cubs, and occasionally one or two non-breeding females make up a skulk, the word for a group of foxes. They are swift animals who can leap a 6-foot fence with ease. We don't recommend trying to catch one unless you want a nasty bite because it's tough to do so.


So, are you ready to experience all that is in London? If you still need to call us at ILikeTo movers today and get a quote on how fast you can get to this city. 

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