Letting Employees Know About Your Upcoming Office Move

Ray Victor
Last Updated:
April 24, 2023

Every company's foundation is its employees. A company can lose if the employees are uneasy, unmotivated, or unwilling to move the workplace. The secret is in the talking. Engaging your team is essential if you want to relocate your workplace effectively. 

Change is hard, and most people prefer to avoid it. After all, your employees are familiar with the routes and location of the office. In addition, adjusting to a new one will take time and effort that no one wants to put in. However, as we said, how to communicate this new change matters. So here's how to do it. 

1. Be Ready

First, keep in mind that moving your office is something other than what you should bring up in passing at a staff meeting, and you must have a strategy to let everyone in the office know as soon as possible.

2. Send internal memo

An internal memo should be sent to all employees to let them know about the upcoming office move. The notification should include things like date, move plan and clear instructions what each employee needs to do. As there is bound to be a lot of confusion at a time like this, its important to help your employees understand why and where you are moving the office, write all the information in the email. 

3. Plan meetings

Remember that your company is only as good as your low-ranking employee. Thus, include everyone in these meetings. Every employee should be aware of the move and where it is happening. Letting your employees know in advance helps them take their time to process the information. 

Plus, employees will also get plenty of time to adjust their transport to and from the new office location. Again, this is vital for the betterment of your company. 

4. Be patient 

Relax. Only some can afford to come and move to the new location. Many employees in your company will only work because this office is close to where they live. This is a perfectly reasonable concept. However, you should also be prepared in case of any mishap. 

Talk to your HR officials. During the move, some employees may resign or choose to work from home if your company allows it. All this information needs to be handled swiftly and with careful precision. Your HR should be equipped to handle all of this. 

Plus, there may be legal matters. Your HR should also be prepared to handle any legalities. 

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