Office Move Checklist

Ray Victor
Last Updated:
September 24, 2023

For a successful move to take place, organization and attention to detail are crucial. As a removal company, we know what it takes to relocate offices across the UK.

A thorough office move checklist that we've put up for a stress-free relocation is also available.

This checklist will be helpful if you are in charge of the office transfer, whether you are the company owner, CEO, office manager, or staff member who was assigned to handle the task.

You should choose the moving date based on basic calculations, and preferably have around 6 months to organize everything.

A checklist for all the things you need to do:

  1. Review your office's current lease to ensure it ends on time

If your office is rented, you should look at your current lease to see when it's ending. This way, you review the lease in time that you're up and ready to move out completely when your time in the location is finished. Otherwise, if you are delayed with the moving process, you may have to pay your landlord by renewing the lease.

  1. Inform your landlord about the move and when you plan to proceed.

After reviewing when your lease is up, contact your landlord and let them know you are planning to move out. This is an especially crucial step as it is required for most contracts but something you should do. Many times when people living on rent fail to inform their landlords in time about the move, they have had to delay their entire plan.

  1. Call in a move-out cleaning service.

Once you have reviewed your lease and know when you will move out, contact a cleaning service well before the date. This will help clear your space for the final moments before handing the office back to the landlord. Even if this is not included in your contract, it is a good gesture.

  1. Delegate the procedures of the move to a designated person from the office.

After coming up with a date and an idea, it is ideal to delegate the move to someone in the office, like a manager. The manager can help take half the responsibility and allow in others. After all, it is an office move. Even if you don't want the entire workplace to know every detail about it, sharing the surface details is a good idea to get everybody on the same page. And delegating to someone like a manager can help you achieve this.

  1. Sort out the equipment

A move is always a good time to declutter. If you're unsure of what to leave and what to take to your new office, make a list of the things the workplace needs. This will most likely include all the technical equipment like computers. But you never know what your office might be hoarding. So, take this time to eliminate unwanted/useless things unnecessarily taking up space.

  1. Call in the professionals.

An office move can seem overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be. Hiring professionals like the ones from ILikeTo can help make your move the best one yet. Our team has what it takes to help you make the best business moves with increased efficiency, productivity, and skill.

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