Cost to move a 2 bedroom house in the UK in 2022

Ray Victor
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September 24, 2023

Moving house may be an exhausting job, from packing boxes to transporting furniture, if you don't have the correct assistance. When the time comes, knowing the whole cost of moving is important to avoid unpleasant surprises. 

If you opt for the DIY approach, prepare to put aside at least a couple of days for the job and make sure to ask for help from a family member, friend, or neighbour. This will lengthen the time it takes to move, but it will lower the overall cost of the move. 

Alternatively, you can enlist the assistance of a professional removal company London, which can do the job quickly and ensure a smooth transition.

Expenses of house removal 

Expect to pay £50-£60 per hour for two removalists and a van as a rough estimate. Packing is an exciting concept, but if you're moving for the first time in a long time, it's also a large undertaking. If you wait until the last minute, you'll quickly learn the truth about how much stuff you actually own. 

While professional home removal expenses may add to the cost of relocating, they can save a lot of time and work, ensuring a smooth transition. The cost of removal will ultimately be determined by the distance to be traveled and the amount of additional packing assistance you require.

Removal firms don't charge by the weight of your belongings; instead, they charge by the hour. A removal company london will give you a quote based on the scope of the operation, such as how much you need to move, whether you need to pack, and where your old and new homes are located. The cost of local and long-distance removals varies based on the location and size of the move. 

So, how much does it cost to hire a moving company? 

Removal companies charge an average of £50-£60 per hour for two removal pros and a van for local transfers. Long-distance house removal charges are often a fixed price that ranges from £450 for a one-bedroom flat to £1,000 for a four-bedroom house.

How much does a house removal cost on average? 

You should anticipate paying roughly £200 for a local transfer where both residences are in the same region. The average cost of migrating to a different section of the UK is roughly £725. Packing can be exhausting; we recommend setting aside £80 for an extra pair of hands to assist with the task. For a four-hour shift, this translates to about £20 per hour for each packer. Keep in note that the necessary packing materials (such as bubble wrap) may or may not be included in this fee.

Factors that influence the cost of relocating 

The following main elements will impact the entire cost of relocating: 

  • Location Whether it's a local or long-distance move
  • Quantity of furniture/boxes to be moved (scope of work) 
  • How many persons were required to assist? (moving heavy furniture will require a team of at least two) 
  • How many rooms does the property have? 

It's tough to know exactly how long the removal will take until you start working on it. As a result, while obtaining a quote, we recommend planning for more time rather than less. Unexpected problems can easily derail the procedure, and larger items may necessitate the hiring of more movers.

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