Best Tips for moving home in Summer 2022

Ray Victor
Last Updated:
September 25, 2023

While spring may seem to be the perfect time to move, it is summer when most people in the UK relocate. Warmer weather makes it easier to move for everyone: including students, professionals, and families.

While it may seem ideal to move in the summer, the high temperatures can take a toll. You can feel exhausted and sweaty so hiring professionals to take over the move is always a good idea and something you can consider if you have the budget for it.

Keep an extra budget

Since summer is mostly the choice of many homeowners to move in, it is also the busiest and hence comparatively expensive. Moving containers, transporting rentals, and even storage is going to be in high demand this season, so it is better to keep a few pounds extra on the side.

Keep hydrated

The heat can be too much to handle at times for this reason keep some extra water bottles for yourself. If you are getting help from movers, keep some bottles for them too. it will keep you and the rest of the staff well hydrated and on their toes. Keeping some refreshing lemonade is a huge plus and kids love it!

Start the process as early as possible

Another great way to beat the weather backlash is to start the moving process early in the day. Since the temperatures are usually lower in the morning, it’s a great time to pack and wrap up some essentials. It is also when there is less traffic around, so if you’re thinking to transport your goods in the morning, it’s going to be a decision you will not regret.

Keep all the perishables in the coolers

The heat will likely spoil any laying around perishables so instead of throwing them away, why not keep them in coolers? You can take these coolers along and enjoy some snacks and drinks on the way too. there is no limit to what you can keep in the coolers, from vegetables to milk, keep everything you can and try not to waste it. Plus, the coolers can be great to keep that lemonade we talked about fresh and at an arm’s reach. Just make sure that the coolers are working properly.

Keep electronics in a safe place

Electronics can overheat especially when it’s really hot. So make sure that you secure and put away all your electronic devices in a safe and cool environment. This includes your iPad, Tablets, Smartphones, TVs, and other devices. It is common for people to damage them during the move so make sure they are well-protected.

Be smart about it

For a seamless move, make sure you think the process through. A checklist can strategize the whole process. It’s better to be organized and plan everything well in time before the moving process starts. Plan everything and then stick to it. If you’re planning to hire a removals company for the move, make sure to call them up and set the moving day before their schedule is booked.

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