Do Removal Companies Assemble Furniture?

Ray Victor
Last Updated:
September 25, 2023

Movers get a ton of questions. And, “do removal companies assemble furniture” is one of the most asked questions, but we are here to answer it. 

Putting together and dismantling your furniture is a difficult chore.  Expecting a moving company to assist you with this is common.

Yes, your movers will assemble furniture and disassemble certain items that need it. Some companies offer it as an extra service, and some include it in their moving package. To find out where you fall, you will need to check in with your choice of movers. 

Some objects, such as bed frames need dismantling before moving. It helps with safety and less risk of damage. The majority of your furniture will not need disassembly. But, some products, will. Things that most commonly need disassembly include;

  • Bed frames
  • Huge dining room tables
  • Dressers with mirrors attached
  • Vanities

These are the most typical things that need it.

It is possible that if you put together a piece of furniture in a room but do not dismantle it first, you will have trouble fitting it through the door.

Your mover will determine how to disassemble certain items or furniture. They will also prep them for transport.

Should You Assemble Furniture and Disassemble Your Furniture Yourself or Hire Professional Movers?

It is occasionally worthwhile to have your movers handle this duty, and other times it is not. It all depends on the nature of your move and whether you need to save money. It is ultimately your decision. 

If you cannot decide whether to hire movers or do it yourself, here are three factors to help you decide.

Hiring Movers Is Cost-effective 

Although doing something yourself rather than hiring people may seem like the more cost-saving idea, this is not always the case. 

You see, if you were to re-assemble some of the more complex furniture pieces yourself, there is a risk of damage. Thus, letting professionals do the job for you will help preserve costs more than you’d think. 

Professional movers will pack your stuff more carefully. - As they are skilled in doing so. To get the most out of your relocation, use movers who specialize in what they do. 


Hiring professionals to carry out your move will help you stay stress-free. It is because of their reliable services. You need to make sure to hire a reputable company to have this happen.

Professional movers have the appropriate training and skill to dismantle your furniture, no matter how complex it may be. 


Hiring movers rather than packing everything yourself will also be more time-efficient. 

When you think about it; professional movers run their world on a schedule. It helps makes sure that they work within deadlines and get more work done, faster. 

For those of you looking to move out quicker, hiring professional movers is an excellent idea especially to assemble the furniture back.

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