How To Pack Dishes & Fine China

Ray Victor
Last Updated:
April 27, 2024

Moving homes can be a complex process. When you add fragile items like dishes and fine china into the mix, expect the process to be slightly more stressful. 

It is vital to take every possible step to ensure your possessions are safe and secure until they reach their new home. Dinner plates, crockery sets, and fine china are all super vulnerable items when moving your home. Taking extra care to move them out of your home safely is the best way.

Here is our take on how you can pack your dishes for a safe and smooth move! 

You will need:

  • Bubble wrap. 
  • Packing boxes. 
  • Permanent marker. 
  • Tissue paper. 
  • Packing tape. 

Assemble everything 

Assemble all of your dishes and china before packaging them. You must ensure all items are cleaned and dried fully before packing them into boxes. 

If you leave any moisture on the dishes, they can grow mold. So, clean and dry your dishes well to make them ready for moving day. 

Bubble wrap your way out. 

Bubble wrap will be your best friend when packing vulnerable items like china. Bubble wrap can serve as a multipurpose tool if you use it on the dishes and line your packing boxes with it too. 

To achieve the ultimate level of protection, line the packing box with bubble wrap while wrapping the dishes in it too. The bubble wrap will provide an extra layer of cushioning to your valuable items. It will keep them from chipping or cracking. Bubble wrap helps keep your dishes secure from everything, including dirt and debris. 

Use a tissue to line inside plates.

Tissue paper is an excellent material to use in between plates before stacking them onto each other. Tissue papers create a barrier that keeps all the dishes from rubbing against each other. 

Unlined dishes will move and toss during travel from one place to another. It is why adding layers of protection to these delicates is a vital step. Plates stacked up on each other can cause chipping of paint during moving. You can use a layer of tissue inside the plates before fully wrapping them in bubble wrap. 

Use packing boxes with precision

For the ultimate packing tip, it is vital to stack the dishes into the box gently. You should be adequately using the space inside the box. Remember, overfilling can lead to potential damage. 

Overfilling a box with fine china or vulnerable dishes is a recipe for disaster. Ensure you are creating even room inside each box for easier handling. The weight will be lighter to carry.

Label everything

Once all boxes are full of valuable items, grab your favorite permanent pen and start writing. Labeling your boxes during a move is essential to make your process easier. It helps you keep track of where everything is and makes moving faster. 

Labeling also makes unpacking your things at your new home much easier. But, since dishes and fine china are delicate, you should label their boxes with the word “FRAGILE”. It lets everyone know that that stuff inside needs to be dealt with gently. And, since you don’t want any risk of damage, writing “FRAGILE” on top is your best bet. 

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