Things to do in west London

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December 11, 2022

London sprawls with excitement that leaves everyone enticed. Being one of the oldest cities that traces its history back to the Greek ages, London has seen it all. Bursting with an exciting view, history, great pubs, and splendor every nook and cranny has a story to tell. Be it the Northside, East, South, or West there is something for everyone to look forward to.

The west side of London never fails to keep one hooked. With long strolls along picturesque canals, getting lost on the gardens and makes, everyone loves to be a part of the great treat which is this side.

In this article, we have listed down all the fun things to do while you're in west London and have the most of it.

Top things to do in west London

Spot a deer at the Richmond Park

It doesn’t come as a surprise that the British love their parks and the story that Richmond Park tells is no different. Spread over a massive 2500 acres it is a sight to see. You can spot hundreds of red and fallow deer roaming around along with the majestic panoramic views of the city. Pack your little lunch boxes to take along with the children and relax at the park on a sunny day and watch the magic unfold.

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Explore the very green Greenhouses at Kew Gardens

If you have a taste of the exotic things in life, check out these greenhouses. They are filled to the brim with unique types of exotic flowers, flora, and fauna of every kind. You'll also get to know how the scientists help preserve these precious species and use them for research and other botanical studies.

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Dine with Wine at Albertine

Something that tops the list of good food and great wine is this little wooden bar. Albertine is stacked to the roof with exemplary tastes that will make you feel heavenly. If you're into devouring a meal kind of situation the restaurant right upstairs is also a great place to eat from.

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Hidden gems at Porterville Road Market

Looking for some amazing antiques then the Portobello Road Market tops the things to do in west London. Full of collectibles and odd eccentricities head over to Notting Hill for some of the best bargains. While you're on the adventure of collecting some incredible pieces, snack off from the street stalls and make your experience ten times more fun!

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Taste of Persia at Sufi

Step in and be marveled at the exemplary decor handing off walls and ceilings. It will take you to Persian where Sufis sang their tunes until you're consumed. An excellent place for a date night or just to enjoy delicious kebabs and Pulov's.

Show your wild side at the Notting Hill Carnival

A celebration of the west Indian culture and Europe’s street party and have a lovely day with beautiful music, colours of every kind, costumes, and whatnot. It’s better to arrive by tube and then walk to Chepstow road. The DJs will have you rocking with the best sessions and after-parties.

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