What storage options are there (And what will work for your home)

Ray Victor
Last Updated:
December 11, 2022

Storage is one of the last annoyances of moving that you must resolve. Should you rent a portable storage container or use self-storage?

We will go over everything you need to think about for each of these alternatives. But here's a quick answer to get you started:

The length of time you need to store your belongings will, in most cases, determine the best solution.

In the short-term, self-storage makes the most sense. - Especially if you need less access to your belongings.

A container makes sense when you need storage for the long term and need frequent access. It's also worth noting that storage containers are mobile. They can move from place to place. But self-storage units can't.

If you need storage for your business, consider container storage. Most of the time, businesses need long-term storage with easier access. - Making container storage the best option. But, if you need storage temporarily, consider self-storage.

The differences

Containerized storage

A storage container is a huge metal box. The company can deliver it to your choice of location for storing belongings. You will have the choice of loading the container yourself or hiring movers to do it for you. We suggest professional movers as the risk for damage and incorrect packing is less.

Many storage container businesses will let you keep the container on your property. You can also have it relocated to your new home or have it delivered to a storage or warehousing facility.

Portable storage containers are made to last, with exceptional weatherproofing and durability. Because they can are super durable, your belongings will be safe.


Self-storage is the most frequent type of storage utilized when relocating. It entails renting a unit at a storage facility. Units come in a variety of sizes and may include climate control for more delicate things.

Self-storage is typically used as a temporary solution during a move. It will be necessary to carry your belongings from your home to the storage unit. When you're ready to relocate those belongings to your new home, you will have to transport them once more.

Consider Costs

Containerized storage will always be the more cost-effective option between the two. Of course, rates and costs will always differ from person to person. So, there is no cost set in stone that you can expect.

But, for the most part, container storage is usually the more cost-effective choice. Especially for long-term use. If you need a short-term solution, self-storage is the option for you.

Accessing your belongings

The level of access you have to your belongings is one of the most significant factors. It can help you choose between self-storage and storage containers. When deciding between these two storage choices, make sure to keep in mind how much access you need.

A storage container allows more access than self-storage. It is because in most cases, you will have the container to yourself. - While a self-storage facility's office may have set hours. 

You may have limited access. It could be because of specified hours of operation at your choice of a self-storage facility

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