How to Store Tyres?

Ray Victor
Last Updated:
July 27, 2023

In the UK it is common for people to switch their tyres as per the seasonal change. They need more robust snow treading ones for the winter and less thick ones for the summer. This switch will have you storing the ones you are not using in a safe environment. So comes the question, how to store tyres correctly?

Some people with an adequate house or garage space choose to store their tyres there. Others without this extra space need another option such as a professional storage facility. It is important to store your tyres correctly because you can’t be going around buying new ones every few months. In this article, we will walk you through the steps you need to understand to store your tyres properly for the coming season.

Step 1: Prepare your tyres

Preparation is one of the fundamentals that will ensure the protection and longevity of your tyres. Many people skip on this part and regret it, all because the tyres get damaged. Preparing your bags means:

  • Giving them a good clean to remove any sort of dirt or debris
  • And then packing them correctly

The rubber comes in constant contact with dust, mud, petrol, and all sorts of chemicals. A car cleaning detergent, water bucket, and brush will give you good results after a thorough cleaning with them. Once you are sure that now your tyres are absolutely clean, next comes packing or bagging them.

Airtight storage bags are ideal for the job because not only will they ensure none of the dust comes in contact with your tyres they will also protect them from damage. These storage bags are mostly available at local automobile stores. You can also order them online.

Step 2: Storing the tyres

The method of storing tyres is particular to the season. Each one differs to give you the best results and to keep them in optimal condition. For this reason, we have listed how to store your tyres according to the season out there.

Storing Winter Tyres

If you plan to store the tyres in your house, keep them away from hot places. Shed and the exterior are some places we don’t suggest because they tend to get very warm during the day. Another better option for storing your tyres is to hire a storage unit: self-storage or containerised storage. These units have climate-controlled environments that are also CCTV monitored round the clock. So they will keep your tyres safe without directly exposing them to heat or the sun.

Storing Summer Tyres

Your garage can be a good option to store your tyres during the winter. Since the temperatures will be low, your garage will not heat up. But if you are pressed for space again we recommend you hire a professional storage facility for your tyres.

What NOT to do

Here is what you should refrain from when storing your tyres:

  • When stacking your tyres, vertically stack one on top of the other.
  • Don’t stack more than 5 tyres in a column, the weight can damage the rubber
  • Make sure to clean, bag, and then store your tyres
  • Opt for temperature-controlled facilities

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