Recycling Boxes: an Eco-friendly Approach After Moving

Ray Victor
Last Updated:
December 11, 2022

Congrats on a successful move! Now that you have successfully moved into your new home, things may look like they are finally settling down. Unpacking, sorting, and fixing everything may have taken a toll, but before you take a breather, there is something else to do: deal with the moving boxes.

Yes, the same boxes that helped you move seamlessly were your friend. But, unfortunately, robust, sturdy, and efficient things that kept all your belongings safe are now cluttering your home and backyard. So you may be thinking about what to do with them.

Once the move is complete, the moving boxes can’t help you with much except take up space in your home. Getting rid of them seems like the only way, but that does not mean kicking them to the curb to end up in landfills. Here is what you need to do with your moving boxes to save waste and give you an eco-friendlier solution.

Return them to the Removal Company.

Most removal companies like us are more than happy to reuse the moving boxes after you have used them. Ask the company you hired about their policy. Generally, it helps them save costs overall but ensure that the boxes are in good condition before you return them.

Torn, damaged, or scarred moving boxes will not be of any use to the removal company, so ensure they are still in good condition. This step also ensures that there is minimum wastage.

Our Policy

I Like To Move It Move It Removals has an eco-friendly approach in all of its services and therefore loves to reuse moving boxes. So if you have some lying around after your move with us, look at our general approach for box collection:

1. We only come to pick up boxes if it’s local, i.e., within London.

2. We only pick up on the best offers when our teams in the area do a job.

3. We do not take used paper or tape as this is considered waste, and we are not registered waste carriers.

4. We can only take boxes that are flat-packed, clean, undamaged, and ready for reuse.

5. Customers must email, where our ops manager will contact them.

Send them to a Recycling Centre.

Send the moving boxes to a local recycling center if you want them recycled. We usually recommend people with damaged packages to do this since they will not be helpful to anyone and will end up as waste if not recycled.

Ask if someone needs them.

You’ll be surprised that free moving boxes are always in demand. Check with your neighbors, friends, and colleagues, especially if you hear that someone is moving soon. Posting on social media also helps. Freecycle is a great network that allows you to do that.

Other things to do

Here are some other things to do when you have cardboard cluttering your home:

  • Donate them to charity
  • Sell them online
  • Use them for storage in your home
  • Start using them for compost
  • Use them as fire tinder on barbeques
  • Get in touch with a waste management company

We hope with this guide, you will be able to know what eco-friendly approach to take with your moving boxes. Happy Settling in!

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