Moving from London to Abu Dhabi

Ray Victor
Last Updated:
September 25, 2023

In the second-largest city of the UAE, Abu Dhabi, expats can expect to lead a happy and exciting life.

Most people agree that Abu Dhabi, which has grown to be a favourite destination for British expats, is the best place to live if you want a higher level of living.

Brits make up one of the city's top three nationalities of expats, attracted by the possibility of travelling to exotic locations far from home and the fact that they do not have to pay income tax on their income.

However, it is imperative that you do your homework on visa alternatives, work permits, and an international removals firm before you start making plans to move to Abu Dhabi.

Costs of moving from London To Abu Dhabi

International moving expenses from the UK to Abu Dhabi begin at £871 for a shared container service. £2,224 for a three-bedroom home. And £2,857 for a four- or five-bedroom home.

Your move's size and destination in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, will ultimately determine the port-to-port shipping cost from London to Abu Dhabi.

Remember that all costs can vary upon a few given factors. Some of these include:

  • How much furniture is to be moved – Depending on how big or small your list of furniture is, the cost of moving to Abu Dhabi will differ.
  • How much labour is needed – Depending on your furniture and how extensive the packing and relocating will take will affect the amount of work needed. The more labour used in your move, the more costly the move will be.

What you should expect when moving to Abu Dhabi

Most expats moving to the city will discover that motor vehicles, such as cars, are the most practical form of transit due to their straightforward and well-maintained road network. In addition to having many reasonably priced taxis, Abu Dhabi offers a reliable and safe bus system.

In addition, Abu Dhabi International Airport, which is close to the main island, offers regular flights year-round to locals and foreigners.

A massive expansion of the public transportation system, including rapid transit buses, tramways, and a 131km metro system by 2030, is currently under construction.

Upon moving to Abu Dhabi, you will see that individuals have different priorities; thus, where one lives in the city may depend on a variety of things, including schools, neighbourhood, work, and social life.

By focusing on your priorities, you can discover which neighbourhoods in Abu Dhabi most closely match your needs to make the best decision possible before moving.

Why choose us?

ILikeTo movers are an experienced group of movers that can take care of anything from a local town move to something as big as moving from London to Abu Dhabi. With years of experience and skilful techniques, our movers can carry out your international relocation like no other. 

So, are you ready to live life in the GULF? Get a free quote with our website and start the process of moving to your new home in Abu Dhabi.

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