How to Pack Antique Furniture for a Home Move

Ray Victor
Last Updated:
September 25, 2023

It should be exciting to move into a new house. A fresh space for personalization and decoration. But moving can also come with added stress because it involves scheduling, changing your address, and packing up your stuff to be transported from your old home to the new one, especially if you have a bunch of heirlooms and delicate antique furniture. You must take extra care when moving your ancestral antique furniture to protect your treasured antiques. But how?

Not to worry! ILikeTo is here to help you understand the best ways to move such valuable items into your new living space without any problem! So if you're interested, keep reading.  

Ways to make moving antique furniture an easy task:

  1. Getting professional help

We always recommend getting professional assistance when dealing with delicate and intricate pieces. Not only does it help guarantee a safe and smooth move, but it helps majorly when you don't know how to pack and move such significant items yourself. 

A professional will have the skill and experience to make moving antique furniture in the best ways possible. They will also have the correct tools, like wrapping sheets and moving trucks, to help assist with more things. All the things that a simple person may not know about, a professional mover can help you with. 

  1. DIY protection protocol

If you do end up having to move the antique furniture by yourself, you will need maximum protection. Part of what makes moving such valuables tricky is how irreplaceable they are. So, foams, blankets, and pads will become quite handy. 

You will want to wrap up the antique to give it ample protection using any of the items mentioned above. It gives the item a security blanket so that when in transit, it doesn't crack or break with each movement. Just remember, wrap the item nicely to give it ample protection, but not to the point of it weighing twice its original weight. 

  1. Take your time

We know part of what makes moving so exciting is setting up your belongings in the new place. But easing in and taking your time, especially with the antiques, is key here. The more time you take in packing things, the gentler you will be with them. It will help reduce the risk of any damage in the future. 

  1. Disassemble anything that needs it

For heavier, more intricate pieces of furniture, disassembly will become necessary. It may be the only way for you to successfully move it. So, if you have a vintage piano or table, you may want to look up ways to disassemble it. Nowadays, you can find loads of information online. So, search up and try it for yourself. 

  1. Bubble wrap is your best friend. 

Forget anything and anyone; bubble wrap is your new best friend when moving antique furniture. You hear it, folks. It is the number one wrapping item that will help move your things to the next location. So, don't be afraid to use it generously! 

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