How to Move a Shed in the UK?

Ray Victor
Last Updated:
September 25, 2023

So you’re ecstatic about moving to a new house with an even bigger garden, and you want to take your trusty shed with you. Don’t fret, you may be anxious about the process or even if it's possible to do but the good news is that yes there are some trusty ways to move your shed.

But before you can do that, the government in the UK requires a building permit to move your storage unit to your new home. If your shed is anywhere between 8x10 or 6x8, you will not have to get the permit. For anything beyond this, you may have to apply for one. There are some other guidelines to follow that you may have to consult with your local building code.

How to move a garden shed?

Now that you have sorted out whether or not to get a building permit along with other details, the next is to know how to move a shed.

There are two ways of going about the process. One is to do it yourself and the other is to hire a removals company for the task.

Moving the shed yourself

If you plan to relocate the shed yourself to the new location, you will need:

  • A forklift
  • Ample manpower
  • A truck or van that fits those dimensions

Moving the shed as a whole can be difficult, one way is to dismantle it. Dismantling the shed will require the right equipment like a crowbar, screwdriver, hammer, nails and screws, and wooden planks.

The work you will be doing will mostly be outside so before you get to dismantling your shed make sure it’s not raining anytime soon. Start with the windows and then the doors.

As you unscrew and unhinge everything make sure not to lose those nuts. Keep a box and whatever small pieces you remove, keep them safely there. As you dismantle your shed take a good look at its body, if there are any damages now is the time to fix them.

Finally, now that everything is fixed and dismantled, you can load everything on the moving van.

In case you want to move the shed as a whole, you will need a forklift to lift and put it on a flatbed lorry. You will have to rent a forklift and still need to shovel everything from the ground.

Hire a removals service

You can see that there is plenty to do when it comes to moving a shed all by yourself. Many inexperienced homeowners get injured during the process or cause damage to the shed. But with a professional removals service, you can rest assured that your shed will soon be on the way intact.

With the right manpower, skill, and experience, it’s a better option to ask for a removals service for the job. instead of you asking and renting tools and machinery, they will come prepared for the job and will help you relocate.

They will also re-assemble everything and help in setting up your shed like it was before. We recommend using an expert removals service in London to help you with the process.

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