Moving Home and know Health Benefits

Ray Victor
Last Updated:
September 26, 2023

It is quite understandable that moving that moving to a new house can be a life changing task. However it is not so well understood that moving home can actually have some health benefits. Below we discuss some examples:

  1. Can moving homes affect your weight? It can!

Sounds crazy, right? It's quite sane. Moving homes can affect your weight (in both positive and negative ways). You will likely never leave your house if you live in a small neighbourhood with poor views and narrow roads. This limits your activity levels compared to living in a better area with better views, streets, and people. 

You will be more inclined to get out of the house, take a walk outside, get some fresh air, and more. Not only does this affect your physical health, but also you're mental. Going out helps us get in more vitamin D, increase our step count, and take a break from daily stresses. 

  1. More natural light = Happiness 

Have you ever wondered why sunrooms are so attractive? Well, quite obviously, it's the natural light that attracts you to them. Living inside a house with little to no natural light can seriously affect our mental and physical health. Moving to a home with larger windows and more natural light will automatically uplift our moods, boost vitamin D levels, and improve sleep. 

  1. Modern homes are healthier. 

While older home designs may come at a more economical price, they are only sometimes great for our well-being. Modern homes are being designed to cater to our wellbeings in more ways than one. Comfort is a huge thing, especially for mental health. Living where your body does not feel comfortable can be a drag. This is why moving to newer, more modern homes are becoming popular. Every detail of a more modern home is catered to help us feel better and more comfortable. 

  1. A busy life is a hectic life. 

Homes that are closer to the countryside and closer to nature will always seem more up-lifting. Nowadays, busy city life is becoming hectic and too fast pace. If you move closer to nature, away from active city lights, you will notice a change in your physical and mental health. 

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