How to move a Sofa?

Ray Victor
Last Updated:
September 25, 2023

Your sofa is one of the trickiest things to transport during a home relocation. Moving a couch is difficult because it is awkwardly shaped, big, and heavy. This week's home moving article will go into great depth about how to move a sofa safely.

If you need your sofa moved as part of a house move or room renovation, enlist the aid of friends or, at the least, contact a moving company.

Your health and the preservation of your possessions and property should always come first when relocating.

One of the most frequent reasons customers call moving firms is to ask for assistance after trying to move a sofa on their own and either getting it stuck in a doorway or having no idea how to get it into the house. Spending hours trying to lift a single item or waiting in the rain for assistance is the last thing you need, especially on moving days.

Seek prompt assistance from a removal firm if you cannot move the sofa on your own or are dubious that you have the power and expertise to do so.

  1. Clean your sofa before moving 

Cleaning your sofa helps to prevent mildew and dust from damaging it while it's being stored. Use a solvent-based cleaner on couches covered in natural fibers like cotton. A water-based cleaning will work if the material of your sofa is synthetic. For example, you only need to quickly wipe off leather couches by adding some drops of olive oil to a microfiber cloth.

  1. Always dismantle 

Dismantling your sofa before moving it to different locations is always ideal because it can help majorly. It makes moving much easier as you pack or wrap the cushions and the legs separately. Whatever is dismantlable, do it. Another tip would be to label bags with nuts and bolts that belong to the sofa so that they are easy to find once you put them back together. 

  1. Use blankets for protection 

Most people should always invest in furniture blankets for frequent moving or traveling. But you can improvise by using regular blankets. They protect, and you can color code sofas with different blanket colors to help keep track of similar shapes and sizes. In addition, blankets will automatically protect the sofas' corners, arms, and legs. Blankets are especially useful for leather-covered sofas as they are more susceptible to damage during moving

  1. Use Furniture Sliders 

Your best buddy when it comes to moving a sofa by yourself is a set of furniture sliders. They not only make moving a sofa simpler, but they also shield your flooring from dings and dents.

Just glide the sofa down the floor by placing a furniture slider under each leg.

Hard floor surfaces, thick old blankets, cardboard, or prefabricated furniture sliders all function just as well.

Other tips include:

  • Get a helping hand by asking one or two of your friends or family to help on moving day. This will help you get more people for heavy sofas. 
  • Always lift sofas using your leg and arm muscles and never your back, as it can strain the backbone. 
  • Know your limit: Since sofas are a piece of intricate and heavy furniture, it is best to be cautious. Remember, using professional movers is always an option and can save you several damages. 

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