How much would it cost to move an upright piano?

Ray Victor
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September 25, 2023

Moving is already a difficult experience but adding the stress of moving a sizable, pricey, or delicate piece of equipment to the mix. While you might be able to move other substantial and costly objects on your own, moving a piano takes specialized knowledge and tools to prevent harm to the instrument and injury to the moving person.

So, how much does moving an upright piano cost? 

On average, moving an upright piano costs around £150-£300. Keep in mind that these costs will vary depending on the size of your piano, where you're moving it to, and extra services (if needed.) Most people usually have to carry a grand piano, and those costs can differ because of the extra care needed. Moving a grand piano can cost between £200-£600. 

What goes into moving an upright piano? 

If the costs mentioned above seem a bit high to you, moving a piano is challenging in the first place. But, you see, professional movers exist because of things like pianos that the average person may find difficult to move on their own. 

Not only this, but it's a challenging task and can cause expensive damage if done incorrectly. Pianos are expensive instruments, especially if yours is an antique or family heirloom. In addition, they can be hair to repair, replace, or renew. So, getting the help of professional movers is what helps keep such risks at a complete low. 

Pianos are also not easy things to move because of their weight. They are heavy and far more difficult to wrap up because they are much heavier than the rest of your items. An upright piano can weigh anywhere between 100-500 kilograms. If that isn't heavy, we don't know what is. 

Finally, pianos are intricate pieces of furniture and can be extremely delicate; they have complex parts that cannot be picked apart like a puzzle and placed back as needed. In order to disassemble or assemble a piano, the correct knowledge is necessary. The slightest mistake in handling can lead to big damages that are difficult to reverse. 

Different factors that affect the cost of moving your upright piano 

As mentioned, the cost of moving an upright piano isn't black or white. Several factors can go into how much the finished cost will be. For example:

  • Destination – Moving your upright piano can vary in distances and destinations. If you're moving across the town, the costs will be less. But the costs will increase if you're moving much farther away. 
  • Size – Depending on how big or small your upright piano is, costs will change. The bigger the piano, the more effort it will take to disassemble, pack, and move it. The smaller the piano, the lesser the work, so costs will also decrease. 
  • Extra services – If you ask your movers to accommodate you for things not included in the package, you may need additional assistance. All movers have set costs depending on the extra service. 


Now, you know why and how costs can differ on the type of piano you want to move. So, ready to hire the best team in the UK? Contact ILikeTo now. 

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