Tips on Moving House Plants When Moving Home

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April 4, 2022

Plants are what make your house into a home, so when moving it’s important to prepare your plants so they survive the trip whether they go in the moving van or your car.  This article will provide some valuable moving tips to safely transport your leafy friends to your new home!

Things to consider when moving house with plants

Which season are you moving home?

Take an inventory of all your plants, and find out when their dormant period is. House plants are able to adapt much more quickly to its new surroundings. Usually it is between October and March, so if you’re moving house during these months you’re in luck!

Temperature and watering

Before you water your plant, know precisely what the weather on your journey will be like. If you expect hot weather, water them well. On the other hand it is cold, water them less to prevent frost damage. Make sure the soil is dry on moving day to avoid any water leaking.

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The weather in London and throughout the UK is rainy most of the year, with rarely any drastic temperature changes. However if you are moving abroad, or to somewhere with a completely different climate, then consider whether it would be right to move them to unfavourable conditions with a potential lower chance of survival. Research the climate which best suits your plant, some plants eg. Tropical plants will find it difficult to adapt.

Three house plants in white pots sitting in a front room.
Prepare your house plants before the removal company arrives

How to prepare you plants for your house move

A week before you move house, remember to:

  • Prune dead leaves and cut back any excess foliage.
  • Refresh the soil by replacing the old soil with fresh, sterile soil so there aren't any bugs.
  • Water your plants (depending on the weather).

A variety of house plants in a bedroom
Pack your plants correctly when moving house

How to pack your plants when moving home

Small house plants

Smaller plants are more delicate, so take care when moving house. Wrap the pots with newspaper and place them close to each other in a box with the lid open. Cushion the empty space with bubble wrap or packing paper so they don’t slide around during the journey. Its best to pack them last and place them on top of other boxes to minimise any damage.

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Large house plants

For larger domestic plants in larger pots tape cardboard over the soil to stop it from spilling over. You should also wrap the pots in some old newspaper to avoid scratches when moving house.

Change the pots

If you have really heavy clay or stone plant pots, then we recommend repotting all plants that are into sturdy plastic containers of roughly the same size. Pack the pots up with bubble-wrap into a box marked fragile. This way it’ll be much easier and safer to transport!

Cone cover

To protect plants wrap them in cones of craft paper. Cut a piece so its width is the same as the height of the plant—then wrap the paper to make a cone shape and tape closed. Slip in the plant with its pot from the top of the cone the plant is pushed upwards. Take extra care with any flowering plants!

Woman packing plants into a car boot
Transport your plants to your new home the right way

Ways to transport your plants on the day you move house

Transporting via car

The best option to ensure your plants will be safe is a car! You know your plants better than anyone else, and can keep an eye on them during the journey. We recommend keeping it on the floor in the back seat where there’s less of a chance for it to tip, or placing them in a box with bubble wrap in the boot of the car.

House removals company

A moving company may be able to transport plants in the back of a moving van if it is a fairly short journey. Around London, I Like to Move It Move It is able to transport plants as long as they are packaged properly.

Speak to your removals company about moving your plants beforehand to plan how best to transport them.

Shipping your plants to your new home

If you choose to do this, fill the box with enough paper to keep the plants from shifting and poke holes in the box. Add labels like ‘live plant’ and ‘this way up’.

A girl sitting reading a book in a room full of house plants.
Enjoy your house plants in your new home

When you arrive at your new home

When you reach your new home, your house plants are the priority! Unwrap and water them as soon as possible, and place them somewhere which recreates its old surroundings with similar light levels and temperature.  

Give them a few couple to recover from the shock of relocation. Some of them may lose their leaves or wilt, but note that it is normally only a temporarily defensive reaction.

Follow these steps and your plants will arrive safe and sound! We hope this guide helped you when deciding how to pack and transport your new plants.

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