The Ultimate Moving House Checklist

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May 24, 2022

Moving house can be an anxious time if you haven’t made a plan. That’s why we’ve created a comprehensive list to prepare you for moving day. Making a checklist is one of the best ways to organise your moving and packing to remind yourself that you’re on track— so there’s no reason to stress. Our moving house checklist is broken down into bite-size chunks to do over an 8-week period. And if any unexpected problems do arise, our house removals team will be there to assist!

You can download our free PDF checklist to keep track of what tasks you have done and what’s left to do. Download it, print it out and stick in on your fridge. You won’t forget a thing!


  • Create a folder dedicated to all of the moving paperwork. You don’t want to lose any of your important documents from your home removals team.
  • Research the new area for local news, shopping and recreational activities. Check it’s nearest tube station and distance from Central London.
  • If you have children, apply for new schools and order new school uniforms.
  • If you are renting, then confirm your moving date with your landlord and give your notice.
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  • Begin decluttering your belongings. Sell and donate things which you don’t need anymore. North London has many charity shops so be sure to drop off anything you haven’t used for years!
  • Make an inventory of all your possessions.
  • Start contacting moving companies to get an estimate. Click here for a free quote!
  • If you’re packing yourself, start ordering packing materials and storage supplies.We provide professional packing materials for all kinds of items.
  • Think about what you are going to take to your new home and where you’ll put them. It’s a good idea to use the floor plan so there’s a clear idea of where everything will go.
  • Check the parking restrictions at your current and new home for large removals vehicles. Click here to find guidance on parking and loading restrictions in London. Your home removals company might have to apply to the council for permits.
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  • Confirm the moving date with your removal company.
  • Think about whether you’ll be needing self-storage. We offer competitive rates with our storage partners in London, so get in touch for a quote.
  • Begin the packing process! Start by packing up the rooms which are used less often and non-essential items. Don’t forget to label your boxes correctly to make your life easier when unpacking.
  • For an all-in-one removals solution, why not let our team of packers come in and help? Our team of packers will carefully pack all of your personal possessions with protective packaging such as bubble wrap, acid-free paper, heavy-duty boxes, and bubble-wrap for safe transportation to your new home. Extra care will be afforded to all fragile items  china and glassware. Furniture protection is also a top priority.
  • Pack up your loft, garage and any storage cupboards.
  • Organise to have your new house cleaned in between the old occupants moving out and you moving in. We offer a comprehensive ‘Moving-In Cleaning Service’ if you want your house to be sparkling on your arrival. Alternatively book our 'moving-out End of Tenancy cleaning’ to deep clean your home before handing it back to the landlord. The cleaning team, based in North London can travel all around London.
  • You might want to order some new furnishings or change the carpet at your new place, so do this now. If it’s not too far away its best to go and measure everything in person.
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  • Begin to pack the rest of your house up. Use good quality packing material for furniture protection.
  • Create a list of things you’ll need for the first night in your new home. Chances are these will be essentials, so there’s no sense packing them just yet.
  • Make a list of all the people to update about you change of address. Make sure to include:
  • DVLA
  • HMRC
  • TV Licensing
  • Electoral Roll
  • Financial institutions: banks, credit card companies and lenders
  • Insurance providers: car insurance, home insurance, life insurance, health insurance.
  • Water, Gas and electricity suppliers.
  • Any regular bills: Home phone, broadband, TV, Mobile phone
  • Health services: GP surgery, dentists and opticians
  • Work contacts: your employers, professional connections and educational institutions if you have children.
  • Any recreational companies: gyms, magazine and newspaper subscriptions.  
  • Your pet’s microchip details.
  • Arrange a redirect service to redirect all your mail while you update all your details.  You can make this process easier by using the Post Office’s change-of-address service, which is available across London and the rest of the UK.
  • Finalise details with the movers and packers -– confirm timings, emergency numbers, parking and directions. There are frequent road works inn Greater London— so be sure to establish a route beforehand.
  • Register to pay council tax in your new area. You can search for your local council on GOV.UK.
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  • Finalise as much of the packing as possible, going through everything systematically.
  • Freeze down freezer food and finish off perishables.
  • Return any borrowed items you might have forgotten about.
  • Pack valuables and important documents in a safe place to take in the car with you on moving day.
  • Make arrangements to finance your move and ensure you have enough cash in the bank for emergencies.
  • Book a time to collect your keys for your new home.
  • Make arrangements if you have a pet to move with you or to stay with someone for the day. Also check that you have an appropriately sized carrier for it.
  • Pack an overnight bag with pyjamas, toiletries and chargers for each member of the household so you have an easy transition and don’t need to open up any boxes.
  • Plan a rough schedule for the day and include what time and family members are coming to help and what time you have arranged for the movers to arrive.
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  • The day is almost here! Do a thorough check around the house and make sure you haven’t left anything behind.
  • Ensure you have the keys to your new house, or have arranged to collect them
  • Gather together keys for all locks from your old home.
  • Relax and get an early night!


Take everything one step at a time and it’ll be a stress-free experience. Be ready for your removal company at your allotted time.

  • Pack the bedding and curtains away.
  • If you’re using a moving company, be ready for the house removal team at your allotted time and ensure someone is at the property to make sure nothing gets left behind.
  • Also inform your movers if there are any special instructions and where each box should go. Make sure you are happy that everything on your inventory is accounted for before your moving company leaves.
  • Take your essentials and overnight bag, important documents and any fragile boxes in your car with you.
  • If you are taking your pet straight to the new home, make sure there is food and water and its bed in the new property.
  • Take photos of your gas, electricity and water meter readings and photographs in your current and new home.


After months of preparing, you and your family are finally in your new home!

  • Breathe. The move is complete!
  • Unpack your box of essentials.
  • Plug in your telephones, mobile phones and larger appliances such as fridges and freezers.
  • Don’t worry about unpacking everything at once. Do a quick tidy and set the beds up.
  • Get acquainted with the boiler and heating system.
  • Settle your pets in by putting them in one room with their food, bed and something familiar like a blanket from the old house.
  • Place moving and other important documents somewhere safe.
  • Order a takeaway through Deliveroo (based in London) and congratulate yourself!
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The Ultimate Moving House Checklist

Moving house can be an anxious time if you haven’t made a plan. That’s why we’ve created a comprehensive moving house checklist to prepare you for moving day.

May 24, 2022