How to Store a Mattress in 2020

Ray Vel
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May 10, 2022

Buying a mattress is both expensive and time consuming so it’s definitely worth learning how to store your mattress correctly.

Whether you’ve got a memory foam, pocket sprung, open coil spring or latex mattress these top tips will be incredibly useful for you.

Man cleaning a mattress for removals and storage
Make sure you clean your mattress before placing in storage.

1) Clean your mattress so it stays fresh while in storage

Cleaning your mattress is easier than you’d think. Simply remove your bed linen and vacuum every side of the mattress.

If you find any unwanted stains it would be a good idea to buy yourself some professional strength mattress cleaner. We love this 500ml spray bottle from StressNomore.

It’s super easy to use. You simply spray the mattress cleaning solution onto the affected area and watch it do its magic. To finish you brush away the excess solution and you’re good to go!

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Mattress being dried for storage
Always let your mattress air out before placing in storage

2) Let your mattress air out and dry for at least 24 hours before placing in storage

On average we spend 56 hours a week sleeping on our mattresses. Over time natural odours, bacteria and in some cases fungus can get trapped into the fabric. 

It’s always a good idea to air out your mattress whether you’re storing it in a storage unit or going through a spring clean.

Just like there’s no better feeling than clean bed sheets, trust us there is no better feeling than a fresh mattress!

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Mattress being wrapped in plastic for removals and storage
Wrap your mattress in plastic before placing in storage

3) Wrap your mattress in a storage bag or plastic wrapping

If you’re storing your mattress in a garage, out building or storage unit it’s absolutely necessary that you wrap your mattress in a protective covering.

Not only will this protect your mattress from dust, dirt and grime it will also protect it from moisture which can cause mould issues. 

If you need a single, double, queen or king size mattress protector head over to our packing supplies shop. If you’d like we can also arrange your storage unit to store your mattress or any other belongings. Get in touch with our moving team for more details.

Storage container for storing a mattress
Store your mattress in the right type of storage

4) Store your mattress in the right type of storage

We always recommend storing any goods you have in a safe, clean and damp free environment. You can check out our storage solutions to see which one is best for you.

Top tip: When storing a mattress we advise that you store it flat and not on its side. Make sure your storage unit is big enough to allow for this.

Woman laying on a mattress and smiling
Enjoy your mattress fresh out of storage

5) Remove your mattress from storage and freshen it up!

If you followed the above steps your mattress should come out of storage ready to use.

In some cases (depending on how long it has been in storage) your mattress can smell a little “musty”.

We’ve got a simple and all natural remedy—baking soda! Follow these simple five steps to get your mattress smelling fresh.

Step one: Unwrap your mattress from it’s protective storage covering.

Step two: Lay the mattress flat and allow it to breath for 2 hours.

Step three: Sift baking soda on the mattress and allow it to sit for 30-45 minutes.

Step four: Vacuum the mattress, flip it over and repeat!

Step five: Take a nap on your mattress. You deserve it!

That’s it from us at I Like to Move it Move It London Removals, we hope this blog post was useful. If you ever need help with moving home, relocating your office or storing your goods be sure to give us a call!

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