How to Pack Jewellery When Moving House

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May 10, 2022

Having trouble packing your jewellery? You’ve come to the right place. The last thing you want is unpacking to see tangled chains and misshapen earrings. It can be a challenge, as not only do you need to keep your expensive pieces safe and secure, but you should have a strategic way of packing it. We’ve got you covered with these expert tips and handy hacks which will make unpacking your jewellery much easier.

Some moving companies do not allow jewellery to be transported. Have a chat with your removals company about the insurance plans which they provide. This way, if anything becomes lost or damaged while in their hands, you’ll receive some level of compensation for your loss.

Take inventory of your jewellery when moving house

Take inventory before packing

Before you start make a quick list of everything you own, or take a picture of your items as you pack them so if something gets lost during you can easily identify which item it was.

Sort your jewellery before the movers arrive

Sort your jewellery before the moving company arrives

Separate your costume jewellery from valuable silver or gold jewellery. While it’s fine to allow movers to move your costume jewellery, we recommend keeping valuable jewellery pieces with you and moving them in a car with you.

Then separate the pieces by type. This is a good time to go through your jewellery and set aside any pieces that you don’t wear anymore or that are damaged. Decluttering before the moving company arrives will make the process so much quicker.

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How to pack different types of jewellery


  • Individually pack each necklace in its own snack-size ziplock bag, and place them all in a larger bag to keep them all together.
  • If your jewellery came with a small fabric bag, then use these to pack the item to save you using plastic. They may also have come boxed when you ordered them, and these little boxes are handy because they have a cushioning to keep the item safe on the move.
  • For more delicate chains and necklaces, placing them in a padded pouch, box or both is most suitable. If your pouch and box is not padded you can use bubble wrap, paper towel or cotton pads.
  • If you’re really worried about tangling, and have the time, then a great tip is to thread the necklace through a straw and clap it at the end. This way there is no chance that it can catch on anything!
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  • Using a sheet of foam or a cardboard piece will do the job of keeping them secure. Pierce the end of through and secure it at the back with some tape or the earring back. Then wrap it in packing paper before putting it into the moving box.
  • Pill organisers are also great for keeping earrings safe.
  • You can also use the small boxes which come with larger pieces of jewellery as they tend to be sturdy and can store may earrings.
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  • Rings are easy to pack as they will not get tangled. Use a secure box or sunglasses case to pack your rings.
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