All You Need To Know About Self-Storage And How It Works

Ray Vel
Last Updated:
June 20, 2022

When renting a storage space for the first time, there are several factors you need to consider. What is the ideal storage unit size for you? Do you need air conditioning? Use this guide to learn all about self-storage and its benefits. You can also feel free to contact our friendly, educated staff for help at any time.

Common reasons for needing storage units in the first place 


If you are moving, you may need help storing your belongings during the process. It may differ due to your actual moving duration. But for most people, renting a self-storage unit is crucial. 

Home renovations 

If you are in the midst of renovating your home, you may require renting a storage unit as well. Because your entire space may be undergoing work, your belongings are at risk of damage. - Sometimes even theft. It is always best to put your valuables someplace safe and secure. 


Sometimes, you do not want your home full of your old stuff. - But you also do not want to get rid of it either. Here is when you can easily take advantage of storage units. You will still have access to all your stuff, but it won’t be sitting in front of you all the time. 

What is self-storage, and how can you use it?

Now that we have cleared who may need storage units, you will want to learn all about it. If you have decided on using self-storage to keep your belongings safe, here is all you need to know about it. 

Individuals can rent and keep their personal belongings in self-storage units. Typically, storage space (also known as storage units) is hired on a monthly basis.

Self-storage gives you more control than full-service storage. Unlike container storage that gives you limited access to your items. 

You can pack and arrange your stuff in any way you want in the storage unit, access your belongings at any time during the location's open hours, and store or remove items from storage whenever you choose.

What can you store in these units?

Clothing, furniture, and appliances are among the most typical goods stored in Extra Space Storage's self-storage units. Storage units can be used to securely keep a range of objects from your house or business, such as vehicles, medical supplies, and construction tools.

Benefits of self-storage 

  • Nearly anyone can benefit from using self-storage at one point. Storing possessions while moving to another location is one of the most popular reasons to rent a storage unit. It gives you a backup plan for safe-keeping all of your valuable items with a stress-free mindset. 
  • For those who relocate to a different country, renting a storage unit becomes all the more necessary. Not everyone has the means to transport all of their stuff to a foreign country the first time around. - Making a self-storage unit an ideal option.
  • Self-storage units are also super secure. The warehouses will always have a camera setup, the staff operating during working hours, and hidden passwords that only you will know. The service itself helps to safe-keep your goods to a maximum. 
  • Self-storage is also super flexible. You can access it whenever you like. - Making it easier for you to handle your items.

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