Choosing the Right Removal Company: Tip 1

If you are planning to move very soon, it is very likely that you will start your search on the internet. You will soon realize that its almost impossible to decide which removal company is the right moving company to choose without some guidance. With our experience we can give you some excellent tips to ensure you make the right choice:

Tip 1: Biggest Isn't Always the Best and Smallest isn't always the Worst

big vs small

As in any other industry it is not neccessarlly true to say that the largest or the most popular name is going to the best service. Larger companies are much more rigid and you might need a fully flexible removal service. Larger companies can also get it wrong and they are not immune to having 'bad days' or breakdowns'. 

The larger the removal company the higher the likely the price is going to be. Large companies have 100's of staff, 100s of vehicles, many offices, bases, Accountants, legal teams, PR teams, Web teams, HR, and so on. 

The service you require is very simple: Move my belongings securely and safely from A to B.

It doesn't require a multinational corporation to do that. A smaller firm can do that for you too and do it well. A smaller firm will be able to provide you with exactly the same with just 1 Van and 2 men. 

The above is very true for smaller to medium moves. For example moving a single sofa or 2 bedroom flat.

The question is HOW they will do it ? Will they treat your furniture and belongings with care, be polite and courteous, take all necessary health and safety precautions ? 

In our humble opinion with such moves a smaller firm will take more care and be more attentive as the smaller removal firm wants to become bigger by earning a reputation. As such you, more often than not, will get a more efficient, friendly and flexible service.

Large companies tend to be very rigid, faceless, and beaureaucratic with their approach. For example, a lady once called us to move a very heavy mattress from her house in SW London to her apartment in Central London. Upon arrival we saw that there were several large Pickfords boxes with their belongings in it. The lady explained that they were selling he house but Pickfords would not move the mattress as part of the move, so she had to hire a smaller company like us. The Lady also seemed very stressed, because she said that they asked her to repack everything again using their own boxes. When asked how much she was being charged i was staggered to find out it was a four figure number for not a lot of boxes. What happened to meeting the customer's requirements and offering a stress free service ?

faceless corporation

On the other hand if the move is very large 7 Bedroom House or complicated office relocation then a larger removal firm may be much more experienced and resourced to handle it simply because they have more labour and more vehicles and specialist equipment (assuming they can use these resources effectively).

Or if you have very expensive furniture or fine art, a larger company may be the best choice simply because if something goes wrong they have the adequate insurance coverage. That doesn't mean to say smaller firms don't have insurance, it is the level of insurance and scope of the insurance which will be important here.

Making the right choice is a common sense decision and is dependant on the actual moving requirements and the capabilities of the potential moving firm.

I Like To Move Move It Removals was created to bridge the gap between the small man and van firm and the large moving companies like Pickfords. We are at least 50% cheaper than the biggest firms and can meet most of your moving requirements. We are small enough to care and large enough to handle most moves.

We offer a bespoke service which is tailor made to suit your requirements and not other way around. If in performing your move we find that the sofa will not fit through corridor and into your living room...We will not leave you in the lurch, we will offer to take it through the window or store it overnight....But we will not leave you in the lurch.

Let us Move You Today !! Stress Free !

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No Hidden Fees

We believe in keeping it simple so we are one of the very few removal companies who make every effort to remove any surprises such as fuel surcharge, per mile rates, weekend rates, staircase charges, evening charges etc...

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Providing the best service possible requires teamwork. That's why we have a dedicated Removals Coordinator who takes client calls and routes them to our experienced Removal Specialists who work fast, efficiently and securely.

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